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This really should have been Volume 1.  Simply stated, my family kicks ass.

My parents are amazing people.  They have dealt with some very difficult stuff in their life together.  Child illness…child disability…child illness again…child death.  DLK, January 22, 1981 – August 28, 1989.  (Hank looks remarkably like him.)  How did they make it through and still remain the sparkling examples of humanity that they are?  How did they continue to cultivate such love, faith and humor through such hardship?  They could have easily become so bitter.  But, they didn’t.  Why?  How?  Because they kick ass, that’s why.  Through love, faith, hard work and a strong foundation, that’s how.  My mom never fails me.  My dad is the most rock solid man on earth…and, he knows how to fix just about anything (bonus!).

My mom and Dagney playing Jenga, Christmas Day 2009.

My dad, wearing his patented couch camouflage.

I have already written about my sister.  She used to be a real pain in my ass, always following me around and bugging the crap out of me when I just wanted to be left alone to read my 900-page book in a quiet corner (wow, there is an uncanny Dagney parallel there).  However, when I was 14 and she 11, we became friends (that year would be 1989, notice the parallel with the date above).  We are so different and so alike.  She has her own busy life, but she always has time for me (and I for her).

My sister and her husband.

My husband’s parents are equally amazing.  We literally, really and truly could not survive without them.  I take Hank to their house every morning and he catches the bus to school from there.  They get him off the bus in the afternoons and pick up Dagney from the bus stop.  As if that is not enough, they do so much more.  They are two of the most giving people I have ever met, and I am so very thankful that I can claim them as family.

And then, there is my husband.  He is my soul mate.  We compliment each other beautifully.  Neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect for each other.  I really think that he deserves his own post.  I will try to get around to that.

My family unit, sans me, of course.


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